Painting Services @ House of Paints

We made it simple for you. Follow 3 simple steps below to get your free quotation from us for your home/office/commercial properties. Indecisive in choosing the right color for your home? Worry no more! Our professional interior designer/consultant will help you to make the right call.

Step 1

Request for a free quotation. Click here to insert your enquiry (preferably attach a simple layout of your property or pictures of the walls to be painted). We will get back to you within 3 working days with a detailed quotation. Our team will walk you through every detail during on-site visit. Feel free to ask us any questions.

Step 2

Engage with our professional interior designer and color consultant. Discuss with us to help you in deciding the color of choice for the interior and exterior of your house/office. Our team will finalize the color, coverage and costs with you.

Step 3

Our work will commence within 1 week after your confirmation. The whole project will be closely followed and we ensure only the best of workmanship for our craftsmen will be delivered to you.

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